Broad objectives of the College:


  1. To provide quality education,
  2. Preparing students for the future, Contributing to the local community.
  3. Provide rigorous and comprehensive academic programs that promote excellence in learning.
  4. Institutions strive to maintain high standards of education and ensure that students gain a deep understanding of their chosen disciplines.
  5. To render academic and financial assistance to the socially, economically, and academically disadvantaged students of the society.
  6. Motivate and widen the horizon of knowledge and experience of the teachers of the institution through research activities, publications, and other promotional activities.


Role and Responsibilities of Key Positions/ bodies –


Positions/ bodies

Role and Responsibilities


(Head of Institution)

The role of a college principal is to provide leadership and direction for their institution. Ensuring that academic policies and curriculum are followed. Developing and tracking benchmarks for measuring institutional success. Helping teachers maximize their teaching potential. Meeting and listening to concerns of students on a regular basis.

Staff Council

The staff council is an advisory body in an educational institution to help in the smooth functioning of the college in academic and all other matters of the college and in the maintenance of discipline. The entire teaching faculty and the librarian are the members of the council. The principal selects a staff secretary in agreement with the members. The secretary helps hold the council meetings in consultation with the principal as and when required. The secretary maintains a record of the minutes of every meeting duly signed by him.


The prime responsibility of IQAC is to initiate, plan and supervise various activities that are necessary to increase the quality of the education imparted in an institution or college.

Janbhagidari Samiti

The Samiti's goal is to raise money through voluntary contributions from the community. The money gained might be utilised to improve the college's facilities and educational standards. Through these Samiti monies, new value-added courses and instructors can also be funded.

Statutory Bodies-

1.      Grievances Cell

2.      Anti Ragging Cell

3.      ST/SC Cell

4.      Women Empowerment Cell

5.      Student Welfare Cell